Wednesday, March 25, 2009


With three small kids, things are going to get destroyed. Tex and I know this. It is why we dont buy insanely expensive things except on rare occasion. Case in Point: my beloved iPhone. Kai decided it would be a fun game to throw it on the floor and see how many pieces he could smash it into. Lets just say we werent able to count them all. RIP iPhone. You are missed.

Losing the iPhone apparently wasnt enough damage for one week. Tex and I decided to take everyone to the beach before it got too hot. It was fun! Unless you are Squish who doesnt like to get dirty and when you thing about it all the beach is is sand and mud. Or if you are Kai who spent the whole time shivering and running from the water. Princess girl had fun least she WAS having fun until I let her fall over into the water face first. Mom of the Year right here. But at least I got some pre accident pics!

Here she is happily playing on/eating the sand

And here she is as the "ginormous to a 19 pound baby wave" crashes over her

If I had another picture here it would be a picture of the ocean floor as my camera sank to the bottom while I frantically attempted to grab Princess Girl and pull her face out of the water.

Here are some pre accident pics of the kids at the beach

Adorable? Why yes, thank you, I agree!!! We also decided it would be "fun" to "make" Easter cookies this week. By "fun" I mean exciting for the two little boys involved and stressful to the mama supervising said activity. By "make" I mean pulling the pre-shaped easter egg cookies out of the Pillsbury wrapper and letting the boys place them on the cookies sheet and icing them when they were cool. Here is how the icing phase went.

Here is Squish carefully icing the cookie

And here is Kai seeing how much icing he can squeeze into his mouth before he has to swallow

Here is Squish staying as clean as possible

And here is Kai who did a wonderful job outlining his mouth. Have I told you how much I adore this boy?

Princess Girl eating her first ever cookie

And just because I love these pictures.....

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  1. Found your blog by accident. I too have 3 kids, with my middle son being named Kai as well. Too funny. My baby got ahold of my iPhone this AM and I thought it was the end of mine too! Will try and follow your "adventure" /blog. Take care!